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E-learning workshops

Flexible, self-paced and remote learning

Our new online e-learning environment allows clinicians and healthcare professionals to undertake training relevant to their scope-of-practice. By providing these short courses and online training programs, we hope that learning can be undertaken at times that best suit busy clinicians and healthcare professionals, and accessed anywhere.

With predisposing and reinforcing activities, and an evaluation questionnaire on completion of the workshop, these courses are accredited and approved for CPD hours.

  Skin Cancer Seminar

This seminar will provide further training and guidance to general practitioners on the use of dermatoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. It will also present correlation of the dermatoscopic features of skin lesions and the corresponding histological findings. There will be discussion of the diagnosis of early stage melanoma and some common mimics of skin cancer found in skin cancer medicine. 

  Dermatology Mini Audit

The Sonic Healthcare Dermatology Mini Audit will provide participating GPs with the opportunity to review and reflect on their skin cancer surgical practice to assist in refining the diagnostic and collection skills associated with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of skin lesions.

 Women's Health Seminar

Female patients (adolescent and adults) account for over 56% of primary care consultations in Australia. The Women’s Health Seminar equips GP's with an understanding of women’s health issues including crucial areas such as STIs and cervical screening, PCOS, pregnancy and menopause.


 Men's Health Seminar

The Men’s Health Seminar will equip GPs with an understanding of men’s health issues, including crucial areas, such as prostate conditions and prostate cancer, STDs, smoking and alcohol use and the health impacts of these behaviours on health and wellbeing in men.


 Chronic Pain Management

The GP plays an important and central role in the coordination of any pain treatment strategy. However, the literature shows that GP’s have low satisfaction in treating patients with chronic pain and only 34% of primary care physicians felt comfortable in managing these patients . This seminar will provide tools, information and guidelines to the participant that will seek to address this shortfall in training and impart confidence in managing patients with chronic pain.



 General Pathology Seminar

This workshop will provide training and comprehensive guidelines to general practitioners on the diagnosis and treatment of various types of skin cancers. We will also be presenting on the use of fine needle aspiration as a part of the triple test for breast cancer, as well as discussions regarding breast cancer and endocrine histopathology. Discussions, presentations and case studies will describe various topics such as elevated troponin levels, serum electrophoresis and genetic testing for a range of conditions.


 Travel Medicine Seminar

These seminars will cover subjects such as post-travel illness and testing, assessing travel health risks for your patients based on the individual, travel destination and duration, as well as discussions around mosquito- and tick-borne disease risk and treatment.