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Improving the knowledge of our referrers

Featuring expert presenters and medical specialists, Sonic Healthcare practices offer a range of educational activities to ensure that clinicians and healthcare professionals remain as informed and involved as possible on current procedures, updates and new developments in clinical practice. We also offer short courses and workshop learning to reinforce and/or update existing knowledge and skills.

Sonic Healthcare events

Our educational seminars and conferences cover subjects as diverse as skin cancer medicine, women's health, genetics, MRIs and ultrasound, sports medicine, travel medicine and general pathology topics. 

For further information about any of the events listed below; please contact us via email.

Please note, the following events are still scheduled and may be subject to cancellation depending on the COVID-19 situation.

20/02/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 2NSWSydneySkinGPs
20 - 21/02/2021HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend SAAdelaideSkinGPs
26-28/02/21HealthCert - Skin Education WeekendNSWSydneySkinGPs
27/02/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 2NSWSydneySkinGPs
12-14/03/21HealthCert - Skin Education WeekendQLDBrisbaneSkinGPs
19-21/03/21HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend VICMelbourneSkinGPs
20/03/2021IPN  Seminar Series *Maximum Capacity* NSWSydneySkin 1 & 2 + Chronic Pain GPs
27/03/2021Capital Pathology Women's Health SeminarACTCanberra Women's HealthGPs
10/04/2021IPN  Seminar SeriesWAFremantle Skin 1 & 2 + Chronic PainGPs
17/04/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 1NSWSydneySkinGPs
24/04/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 1NSWSydneySkinGPs
08/05/2021SNP  Skin SeminarQLDBrisbane SkinGPs
15-16/05/2021HealthCert - Skin Education WeekendWAPerth SkinGPs
22/05/2021IPN  Seminar Series QLDBrisbaneSkin 1 & 2 + Chronic PainGPs
22-23/05/2021RACGP Dermatology WorkshopVICMelbourne SkinGPs
05/06/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 2NSWSydney SkinGPs
05/06/2021SNP Skin Seminar - Part 1 QLDHervey BaySkin GPs
17/07/2021SNP Skin Seminar - Part 1QLDBrisbane SkinGPs
04/09/2021RACGP Skin Seminar WAPerthSkinGPs
10-12/09/2021HealthCert - Skin Education WeekendNSWSydneySkinGPs
18/09/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 1NSWSydneySkinGPs
18/09/2021Clinpath - General Pathology Conference SAAdelaide General GPs
18-19/09/2021HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend QLDBrisbaneSkinGPs
25/09/2021DHM Skin Seminar - Part 2 NSWSydneySkinGPs

RACGP Dermatology Seminar 


SAAdelaideSkin 1 GPs

RACGP Dermatology Weekend 


NTDarwinSkin - Part 1 GPs

IPN Seminar Series 



MelbourneSkin 1 & 2 + Chronic PainGPs
30-31/10/2021HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend NSWSydneySkinGPs
11/2021RACGP - GP21  AllVirtual Conference GeneralGPs

Capital Pathology Skin Seminar - Part 2 


06-07/11/2021HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend SAAdelaideSkinGPs
13/11/2021MPS Skin Seminar - Part 1VICMelbourneSkinGPs
13-14/11/2021HealthCert - Skin Education WeekendWAPerthSkinGPs
20-21/11/2021RACGP Dermatology Workshop NSWSydneySkinGPs
27/11/2021IPN Skin Cancer Seminar SeriesNSWNewcastleSkin Part 1 & 2GPs
4/12/2021Skin Cancer Conference - Part 1WAPerthSkinGPs
4-5/12/2021HealthCert - Skin Education Weekend VICMelbourneSkinGPs

Partner events

In addition to offering educational opportunities through its local practices, Sonic Healthcare partners with many independent providers. We are also major sponsors for a number of educational organisations, and regularly coordinate and run seminars for the RACGP.

To find out more about upcoming events, please click on the relevant link below.

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