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Organisms that cause infections are diverse and include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Some very common presentations seen in primary care are strep throat, UTIs, yeast infections, URTIs, thrush, parasitic infections and common skin infections. Most clinicians in primary care will see patients with these presentations nearly every day. These videos will discuss some of these patient presentations.


Dr Jenny Robson gives this talk on the zoonotic infection of brucellosis, and poses the question of whether it's animals as sentinels or humans as sentinels.

 This presentation was one of many at the 2014 Zoonoses Conference run by the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases.

Mycology of the skin

Ann McPhee gives this presentation on the mycology of the skin. This was presented as part of Professor David Weedon's conference for Dermatology Registrars in Brisbane in March 2014.

She discusses a range of bacteria and other bugs that are commonly found in various skin infections.

Infections In Pregnancy

Infections in pregnancy

Dr Caitlin Keighley discusses the investigation and management of infections in pregnancy including Syphilis, CMV, Parvovirus and the new ASID perinatal infection guidelines.

2022 06 10 12 43 49

Invasive fungal infections

Dr Caitlin Keighley discusses diagnosis and management of candidaemia and invasive Candida infections, outlining updates from the current Australian guidelines as part of a presentation to Australian Society of Antimicrobials (ASA).