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Gastrointestinal pathology


Approximately 19% of problems managed in general practice are labelled as symptoms and complaints and, of these, a significant number are unresolved gastrointestinal symptoms. Abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, nausea and digestive problems are some of the more common presentations of this type in general practice. These videos will discuss some of the usual and unusual gastrointestinal patient presentations.

Familial colon cancer

Dr Nick Musgrave covers polyposis syndromes as well as lynch syndrome. This presentation was recorded in front of a large group of junior medical officers at Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane in October 2013.

Barrett's oesophagus

Dr Nick Musgrave defines Barrett's oesophagus and provides guidelines as to how it is diagnosed, and advises as to how Barrett's oesophagus should be managed in a clinical setting.

The liver fibrosis marker

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology presents an introduction to the new Liver Fibrosis Marker test.

This presentation was given by Dr Katherine Soreng from Siemens, and was recorded at the Brisbane Tattersall's Club on the 18th November 2013.