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Proudly supporting continued education

Sonic Healthcare recognises and supports the importance of medical education, research and professional advocacy. We are committed to resource and promote education, and the Sonic Education website is one expression of our continuing commitment to education.

About Sonic Education

Key to the position Sonic Healthcare has gained as an industry leader is respect and a key predicate to that respect is our demonstrable and ongoing commitment to education at both an individual and an organisational level.

Within our practices throughout Australia, we are privileged to employ more than 330 pathologists, as well as hundreds of radiologists and senior scientists. Many of these are world leaders in their particular fields and are are actively engaged in teaching at universities, colleges and international conferences and seminars.

It is this collective knowledge that we strive to make available to medical practitioners as part of our contribution to the level and strength of the level of medical care in Australia.

Sonic Healthcare recognises that medical education is a key part of our role and responsibility as a major provider of diagnostic medical services. The rate of change in medicine and the need for medical practitioners to be ahead of these changes means that education is a vital component to good medical practice and indeed a prerequisite to it.

As scientific and technological breakthroughs expand the boundaries of our medical knowledge, so too do the educational needs of the current and future generations of doctors.  

From seminars and conferences, through to surgical audits and online education, Sonic’s medical experts are continually looking for ways to share their knowledge with other medical professionals.