With the escalating coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Sonic Healthcare recognises that we have an important role to play in supporting our clinicians and their patients with up-to-date information about coronavirus and respiratory virus testing. Please refer to your local entity website for further information.

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IMPORTANT: In response to infection control guidelines and regulations, please note a number of our educational events may be impacted and are subject to cancellation. Remote learning options are available through Sonic Education.  Online videos | E-learning workshops 

Working with referring clinicians in their Clinical Practice

Sonic Healthcare is committed to providing both a range of accredited face-to-face educational conferences and seminars to self-directed activities, and tools for assessing performance and measuring outcomes to assist in meeting CPD requirements.

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Continuing education is vital in a rapidly changing profession

We recognise that for many healthcare professionals time is a rare commodity. Sonic Healthcare practices are dedicated to providing learning that can be undertaken in a flexible, self-paced manner, at times the best suit busy professionals.

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